IT Support

If you are a business owner then you know just how much your time and that of your employees is worth. You also know how much your company’s technology can give you that competitive advantage over everyone else out there.


With Florida Virtual Solutions’ IT support program you can put all your time and energy into your business and let us handle everything else.



We can proactively monitor and manage every aspect of your network with the help of our advanced tools and prevent many incidents from ever happening. Our tools examine every system and process 24 / 7 and alerts us as soon as something isn’t right. Our technicians can most often resolve the issue before it even has a chance to affect your operations.





We become your IT department and when something happens, you simply pick up the phone and call us or submit a ticket through our online portal. As soon as a ticket is open one of our qualified engineers will jump right on it and resolve the issue. With MANAGED-IT you can call and open tickets as often as you need to. You’re covered 100% every minute of the day.


With an affordable fixed monthly rate that is just a fraction of actually hiring a full time IT person, we will manage your entire network and the security of your data. Because that fee is the same every month, this allows you to actually “budget” your IT needs and allows you peace of mind to concentrate on growing your business and not waste precious costly time worrying about IT.

Your Managed IT solution also includes many “perks” like state of the art Anti-Virus protection from ESET which is always up to date giving you extra peace of mind.

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Your MANAGED-IT agreement also includes all our consulting services like when its time to buy new hardware. We sit down with you and analyze your needs and guide you towards the right choice for your business and its future. Don’t go it alone!  With Florida Virtual Solutions you don’t have to guess and you won’t get taken for a ride either. You will be ensured the proper hardware at the proper price.


If you still need some help in making this decision, take a look below at the companies that trust Nagios to monitor their network infrastructures.



Whatever your project, give us a call and let us show you how we can help!