When the mid 90’s rolled around the world wide web was gaining popularity at an incredible speed. So many new possibilities were now open to everyone and we were there to answer the call.

We participated in the setup and operation of one of the very first internet only based radio stations. Serving up live audio 24 / 7 with live DJs from studios in Montreal, Canada. Again we used our expertise to set up state of the art servers that could serve up live audio content to the millions of people surfing the net around the world. It was an instant hit and went on to be one of Canada’s largest radio stations with over 1 million listeners weekly.

Audio would be encoded directly from our state of the art studios and available to anyone around the world with a simple downloadable player.

Listeners could access many features on the web page such as what was playing, who was on the air, make live requests to the DJ, watch live video feed of what was going on in the studios and much much more.

But we didn’t stop there. Our technological expertise allowed us to take the show on the road! ¬†Able to broadcast from live events around Canada and the world. With mobile encoding servers and portable internet connections we could stream the audio back to our main network facility and then again out to the world!

We were eventually contracted by some local FM radio stations and the local Music Television Channel to help them set up a broadcast presence on the web.