Where it all started….

Believe it or not, our story started back in 1986 with something so ordinary as a “BBS” (Bulletin Board System) running a program that was called MajorBBS. This ancestor to the internet had over 100 phone lines connected to multiplexer boxes that housed 1200 baud US Robotics modems. Users would dial in with their computers and have access to email, games, files and live chat !



This endeavour soon grew into a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) offering dial up and ISDN connections to local residents. Web hosting and professional email services soon followed as the World Wide Web started to gain momentum. We were also involved in the creation of one of the very first online internet radio stations back in 1995. Streaming live audio to the world over our network setup.


Today, Florida Virtual Solutions is a full service IT provider. No project is too small or too big. With our 30+ years of experience in virtually all aspects of business IT, we can handle anything that you need to get done.


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