Hosted VoIP Business Phone System


Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants will automatically pickup your phone calls and allow your customer to direct themselves to the proper department.

Play Sound Clip

A sound clip will play in the background giving your caller options to pick from the auto attendant. 


If no options are picked the call will be forwarded to voicemail. This is just scratching the surface of customization we can do for your business.


The auto attendant will now wait for instructions from the caller.

Full control of your call routing.

Let us customize your phone experience by creating a call route that works for your business. With auto attendants we can direct your calls for you without the need for a receptionist.

Custom Schedules and Routing

Schedules can be made in advance, complete with a custom dial plan, and then automatically activated upon your departure. Custom greetings can also be included with any custom schedule. This feature allows administrators to set the entire year’s schedule in only one step.

Monday - Friday 9 - 5

Auto attendant, play sound file, wait, voicemail

After Hours



Ring all phones for 30 seconds. Go to voicemail

4th Of July

Playback custom voicemail saying you are closed for the holiday and will be returning on the 5th.

Ring Front Desk

Rings only the front desk

Ring sales phones

If nobody answers the front desk it will begin ringing the sales floor


If the first three fail then the call can be forwarded to voicemail, where the caller can leave a message. This message can then be attached and emailed to you.

Ring cell phones

If nobody answers at the sales floor it will fail over to your cell phones. 

Find Me/Follow Me

Find Me/Follow Me allows users to route incoming calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence, enabling each user to create a unique call flow and failover for their extension. This feature gives you the freedom to conduct business wherever you need to go.


  • Custom Greetings – Fax to Email

    Find Me/Follow Me – Music on Hold

    Customizable PBX –  Ring Groups

  • Auto-Attendants – Call Analytics

    Call Queues – Call Recording

    Desktop Integration – Conference Bridge

  • Softphone – Time-Based Routing

    Unlimited Extensions – Virtual Fax

    Dial Plan – Voicemail to Email

  • Call Logs – Call Monitoring

    Call Recording – Corporate Directory

    Dial By Extension – Dial By Name

  • Intercom – Redial

    Message Waiting Indicator – Paging

    Speed Dial – Line Failover

How We Work


Order Received

We will create a base system to work off of.



From here we will work together on making changes to the system before deployment. Making sure you have auto attendants in place, Voicemails set, and the system running the way you want it.


Cut Over

We will come in and install your new phones or move your existing phone to our network. Then port your phone numbers. Easy as that.

Let’s talk about your phone needs!