Have an old key based system?

Don’t fix what isn’t broken! Bring your old analog phone system into the 21st century with our analog conversion options.



There’s plenty of reasons to upgrade to a new VoIP based phone system. But not all of them make sense for everyone. If you’ve got an older phone system utilizing cost prohibitive Plain old telephone lines, Or even T1/PRI’s. We can still slash your phone bill. Let Florida Virtual Solutions help get a few more years out of your old phone system while still taking advantage of the fantastic rates VoIP can provide. Not to mention you finally get to dump the phone company!

Save as much as 50% on your current phone bill!

We understand that your phones are your livelihood.

Up time and reliability is our top priority, our phone service is hosted in our state of the art data center with redundant power and internet keeping your service online and functioning for the foreseeable future.

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